Braddock wants to get elected for Congress VS The Republican Party
James wants to go to Washington VS personal life

Braddock gets a good campaign poster VS elder child Edward causes a mess by “pranking” that has to be hidden (could’ve been prevented if mom had intervened earlier) + husband blames Margaret, to which she reacts by being an utter bitch, and especially mean to Pris.

James pleases party leadership by erasing Sheila’s DUI charge from college days VS parent doesn’t get diagnosed with something nasty; breast cancer false alarm; Sheila gives James an encouraging hug when told

James fails to start get friendly with Pris when she’s upset, sobbing in the office supplies storeroom VS James feels like a skirt chaser.

Braddock doesn’t get the Democratic lead + nor an insider in the Republicans VS Republicans don’t exceed Dems in popularity (Braddock shows promise for conservatives from both parties)

James to proves to Wallace that he’s Washington-capable by impressing Senator Maxwell Wincott VS Judy gets severely depressed (Judy’s got baby fever)

Braddock fails to blow off some steam (Braddock hungers for the innocent) + fails to entice James VS Braddock humiliates herself by drunken harassment of James, dragged off and driven home by Sheila.

James gets to spend quality-time with Judy (Judy is deeply in love) + her depression is alleviated; first confessions of love VS there is no big fight

Braddock gets elected VS touch-and-go victory turned into landslide (liberals avoid Braddock) + Republicans don’t get majority.

James goes to Washington VS and does so as a member of Wallace’s staff.

Braddock doesn’t get make-up sex with hubby VS not last sex (he’s got someone else) + kids are not estranged.


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