The First Day

Braddock: get someone inside Wallace’s camp, vs. Wallace
Steinberg: make a good impression on Wallace, vs. Sheila Wallace

James is late for his first day vs rest of the day is perfect + show up Sheila (Sheila is stressed out)

Braddock fails to get the lowdown on James (Sheila intercepts Pris) vs Wallace’s approval ratings take the lead

James finds a cheap flat near work vs roomie grows pot (girlfriend Judy smokes pot)

Braddock finds out Sheila is secretly pregnant (it’s Reverend Phil Wallace) + arrange the abortion vs Wallace fails to notice Braddock’s shenanigans

James covers for Sheila during her “unfortunate illness” vs Wallace isn’t seen humbled

Margaret fails to make a benevolent impression on James vs. James seems competent

Margaret convinces Sheila that it’s girls against boys (James accidentally gives the impression he knows she was pregnant) + turns her against him VS. Braddock wants all the best for Sheila

James fails to make a good impression on Phil by showing that he works well with others + fails to impresses Sheila VS Sheila alienates James from Phil (James likes determined women) + James fancies her

Braddock convinces James to spy on Wallace’s campaign VS James impresses Wallace (aging leadership) + party contacts


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